Laws and service agreements

Official announcements OVGU


Legal regulations

General equal treatment act (AGG)

  • § 13: a complaints office must be designated and publicised in each department

Labour court act (ArbGG)

  • § 61b: action for discrimination (reference to §15 AGG)

Higher education act saxony anhalt (HSG)

  • § 3 Abs. 4: Universities shall ensure non-discriminatory studies and non-discriminatory professional and academic activities and shall, within the scope of their possibilities, work towards reducing existing disadvantages (reference to §§ 3Abs. 4, 7 Abs. 1, 12 Abs. 1-4, 13 Abs. 1 AGG)
  • § 3 HSG exmatriculation
  • explanatory notes on the admendment HSG


Basic law (GG)

  • Art. 3 Abs. 3 No one may be discriminated against or given preferential treatment because of his or her sex, descent, race, language, home country and origin, faith, religious or political views. No one may be disadvantaged because of his or her disability.


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